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Going abroad App – European Commission

Husbil App. Trafikregler Europa Apps – Köra i Europa Apps

Officiella Trafikregler App: Det är en App med översikt över alla Trafikregler i Europa,Andriod och iPhone App

What is the speed limit on Spanish motorways? Do I need to wear a helmet when I cycle in Sweden? What safety equipment must I always have in the car when driving in Slovakia? From now on, holiday makers do not need to spend a lot of time searching for this information. They can have it at hand wherever they are with the European Commission’s new smartphone app ”Going Abroad”.


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Road safety: New smartphone app provides information on EU road traffic rules

The app is available for iPhone and iPad, Google Android and Microsoft Windows phones in 22 languages. Apart from all important road safety information for all EU countries, the app also contains a road safety quiz and a memory game to entertain passengers during long car journeys. Of course the app should never be checked while driving – drivers should let the passengers do the job or take breaks from driving to stay both rested and well-informed.

The app covers information about all topics that carry the biggest risk for accidents, including speed and alcohol limits, traffic lights, and the use of mobile phones. It also informs users about obligations to wear seat belts in cars and safety helmets on bikes and motorbikes. [sam id=”16″ codes=”true”]

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